EU Projects

EXARC supports its membership by organising small-scale collaborations and international partnerships, often with the help of significant European Union grants. Our projects raise the profile of the participants and allow other members to benefit from their experience.

From its beginning in 2001, EXARC prove to be an international network in Europe. The informal contacts between colleagues has led to several kinds of cooperation. The ease with which EXARC can provide with likeminded and likewise organised partners across Europe has been put to use in several Culture projects (Delphi and liveARCH). The latest large scale project (OpenArch) started in 2011. EXARC also has been successful in linking a dozen of its members into the Life Long Learning Programme, under Grundtvig.

Since 2004, EXARC has an own consultant, with archaeological background, Geir Sør-Reime from the Rogaland County Council in Norway. He helped many EU projects on its way (both within and outside EXARC), all of them with a cultural theme as point of view. Roeland Paardekooper from EXARC has done much of the coordination and writing work when applying for EU funding, he is the first to contact with questions regarding EU and EXARC.

What's happening ...

New EU Project application submitted

Led by Butser Ancient Farm, a consortium of about six EXARC members recently applied for EU funding for an adult learning project on volunteers in archaeological open-air museums. The project, by the name ‘Voluntarius’ includes both experienced and ‘new’ partners from the UK, Belgium, Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany.
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